Each participant will receive a conference Syllabus which contains pertinent reference material, exhibits and the curriculum vitae and contact information of all panelists and lecturers.
Ken Roye
Garry Hubert
Alan Jang
Bill Apger
Teri Ashby
Randy W. Gimple
Wes Higbie
  Michael A. Hirst
Thomas M. Regan
Christopher Curtis
Dr. Valerie Hipkins
Michael T. Mahoney
Keith L. Mashburn
David B. LeMay
  Danny K. Nichols
Dr. Donald R. Owen
Ray Moritz
David B. Sapsis
Robert Tate

Ken Roye is the host of the Conference. He is a California trial lawyer who has tried over 100 civil jury and over 250 criminal jury trials. Ken has handled to successful conclusion 5 power line fire cases on behalf of over 200 individuals, 3 timber companies and several ranches. He is presently litigating 5 power line fire cases. Ken is also the author of “California Consumer Protection” (1994) Fullcourt Press, and has taught law school classes (1970 - 1975), and MCLE classes (1995).
Garry Hubert is a California trial lawyer with almost 40 years of trial experience. While a deputy district attorney for Alameda County he taught criminal law and evidence. He has tried to jury verdict 135 plus Superior Court criminal cases and 30 Superior Court civil cases (the longest lasting 8 months). He founded Hubert & Yasutake in 1996 which specializes in civil litigation for both the plaintiff and the defense, with an emphasis on plaintiff's fire loss claims. He is an experienced arbitrator/mediator having presided over 1,000 such proceedings. Specific fire cases prosecuted by Mr. Hubert include self-igniting automobiles, construction practices causing fires, fireplace failures, electrical appliance failures, power line failures causing structure fires and wild land fires, and spontaneous combustion fires. Mr. Hubert is rated A-V by Martindale-Hubble and is a special master for serving search warrants.
Alan Jang is a California trial lawyer. He is a partner with Buresh, Kaplan, Jang & Feller, a law firm in Berkeley, California. The firm handles insurance defense, subrogation, premises liability, and insurance matters. Mr. Jang has developed a specialization in handling large loss property damage subrogation, including fire, landslide, inverse condemnation, and flood litigation. He recently served as trial and appellate counsel in the recent case of California State Automobile Association (CSAA) v. City of Palo Alto (2006) 138 CA 4th 474, an important case which clarified the burden of proof on causation in inverse condemnation actions. Mr. Jang has conducted over 125 trials and appeals.
Bill Apger is a California lawyer and Registered Professional Forester (RPF). Bill has successfully litigated power line wildland fire cases, including the Pendola Fire. He and Ken Roye are co-counsel on two present power line fire cases in Trinity and Butte counties. Bill has represented private landowners, timber companies, and loggers. He was formerly a forester for Collins Pine, a progressive forest practices timber company.
Teri Ashby is a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California. She was formerly a school teacher for 15 years, beginning her legal career in business litigation, followed by an assignment as a research attorney for Santa Clara Superior Court. She worked as in-house counsel in the banking industry for 10 years and also served as general counsel for Heald Business College. She has litigated a major fire fighting cost recovery case to successful conclusion (Poe Fire) and is presently counsel on three power line fire cases and advisor on other cost recovery actions.
Randy W. Gimple is a partner in the San Francisco law firm of Carlson, Calladine & Peterson LLP. Over the past 20 years, Randy’s practice has focused on both plaintiff and defense cases involving catastrophic events, which include over 750 fires, 25 explosions, and seven floods. Examples of his experience include investigating and handling cases such as the 2001 Poe Fire which destroyed about 8,000 acres in Butte County, CA, the Santana Row fire which was the largest fire in the history of San Jose, CA, four rocket fuel explosions and a gasoline pipeline fire and explosion which killed five in Walnut Creek, CA. Randy is a published author and lecturer in spoliation of evidence during the investigative process. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, International Association of Arson Investigators, and California Conference of Arson Investigators.
Wes Higbie is a California lawyer who has represented timber companies and timber owners in hundreds of cases involving the destruction of, valuation of, and sale of timber. He has been an entrepreneur in the timber industry and has served as a Mediator on power line wildland fire cases. He is presently part of the faculty at UC Berkeley teaching in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management.
Michael A. Hirst is a founding partner of Hirst & Chanler LLP, with offices in Sacramento, Berkeley, Chicago, and New Canaan (CT). The firm has full-time investigators and auditors on staff, in addition to its attorneys. Prior to starting the firm, Mr. Hirst had a distinguished 15-year career as an Assistant United States Attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of California. During his time in the government, Mr. Hirst served as the Chief of Affirmative Civil Litigation, where he supervised all civil investigations and cases brought by the office within the 34 counties in the district, including all fire cases prosecuted by the government for fire suppression costs and resource damages. A recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from federal agencies, including several from the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, for his work on fire cases, Mr. Hirst was awarded a Department of Justice Director’s Award for Superior Performance by Attorney General Janet Reno for his multi-million dollar recovery in a fire case against PG&E. Mr. Hirst was later described by Attorney General John Ashcroft as an “exceptional litigator”. Mr. Hirst was a Regents Scholar at Hamilton College ‘80, and a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar at Columbia University School of Law ‘87.
Thomas M. Regan is a California lawyer and Chairman of the Subrogation & Recovery Department in the San Diego office of Cozen & O’Connor. Tom concentrates his practice in subrogation and recovery, flood litigation, inverse condemnation, public entity liability, construction claims, and construction litigation. Tom has successfully litigated several powerline caused wildland fires, including the Perry and Barham cases in San Bernardino Superior Court.
Christopher Curtis is a Professional Land Surveyor and President of CBC Surveys in Sacramento, California. Christopher is a graduate of Fresno State University with a BS in Geomatics Engineering. He has participated in the investigations of several powerline caused wildland fires using his expertise in LIDAR, Photogrammetry, and Land Surveying.
Dr. Valerie Hipkins is the Director of the National Forest Genetics Electrophoresis Laboratory in Placerville, CA. Valerie received her PhD in Genetics and Forest Science from Oregon State University. Her program at NFGEL provides genetic information to land managers to guide restoration projects, conserve threatened and endangered species. She conducts analysis of molecular genetic markers (proteins and DNA) in plant material. Valerie has provided forensic DNA analysis in two major wildland fire cases, including the 1996 Calabasas Fire.
Michael T. Mahoney is a consulting arborist and urban forester. Mike is a graduate of California State University Fullerton. He has over thirty years in practical and management experience in arboriculture and urban forestry. He has served as the President of the California Urban Forests Council, Tree Street Seminar, Chairman of the ISA Certification Advisory Board and Appointee to the California Urban Forest Advisory Council. He has participated in several investigations of wildland fires caused by powerlines, including the Anza, Calabasas, Gueijito, Rincon, Poe, Oregon, and Gatos fire cases. He was also instrumental in the first use of vegetation DNA in a fire investigation during the investigation of the Calabasas fire in 1996.
Keith L. Mashburn is the retired Chief Investigator and Supervisor of the Ventura County Fire Department fire investigation unit. He has investigated over 400 fires, 150 of those fires serving as the lead investigator. He has worked for O.S. Associates as a private fire investigator. He is also a faculty member of Oxnard Community College as a Fire Technology Instructor, and has served on the Governors Arson Task Force in California.
David B. LeMay is the retired former Chief Law Enforcement Office for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, spending more than 25 years enforcing California’s powerline clearance and hazard tree laws and regulations against major electrical utilities. He has participated in the investigation of hundreds of powerline caused wildland fires and has been instrumental in the recovery of millions of dollars in fire suppression costs for California’s taxpayers.
Danny K. Nichols is a retired Battalion Chief for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. He managed the Department’s Fire Suppression Cost Recovery Programs in Sacramento and Fresno for 12 years. He managed CDF’s cost recovery efforts in the Gueijito, Perry, Barham, Winchester, Grand, Calabasas, and Poe fire litigations. He authored the last major revision of the Power Line Fire Prevention Field Guide. Dan and Dave LeMay appeared in the Court TV presentation of “Extreme Evidence” based on their use of vegetation DNA in the investigation of the 1996 Calabasas Fire.
Dr. Donald R. Owen is a Forest Pest Specialist with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in Redding California. Prior to joining CDF in 1991, he worked for the USDA Forest Service in Alaska, New Mexico, and California. He has over 20 years of experience working on a variety of forest insect and disease issues and is an author on numerous research and extension publications. He has a M.S. degree in Wood Science and Technology and a Ph.D. in Entomological Sciences, both from the University of California at Berkeley. His university training and research emphasized wood deterioration and forest insects and diseases. He is a Registered Professional Forester and a licensed Pest Control Advisor.
Ray Moritz is a consulting arborist and fire ecologist. He has a degree in forestry, with honors, from the University of Minnesota. He as worked as a consulting forester and urban forester. He writes a column for the San Francisco Chronicle, “Ask an Arborist”. He has worked on the prescribed-fire restoration of the headwaters of the Mississippi River and has consulted on post-fire restoration projects. He as served as a forensic expert in seven fire litigation cases.
David B. Sapsis is a Fire Behavior Scientist working for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in the Fire Resource Assessment Program in Sacramento. He has an MS Degree, with High Honors, in Rangeland Resources from Oregon State University. He is also the co-creator of FarSite, a computer modeling program for fire behavior analysis. He has provided expert fire behavior analysis in the Grand, Calabasas, and Poe fire cases using FarSite to validate fire investigation findings.
Robert Tate is the President-elect of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). He is a certified arborist and a certified utility specialist. He has served as an expert witness in several power line fire and electrocution cases in California and elsewhere. He has extensive experience in the tree-trimming and utility inspection industries.