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Ken Roye, Attorney at LawKen Roye is a California trial lawyer who has tried over 100 civil jury trials in fifteen California counties, including Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento. Ken is the founder and host of the Wildland Fire Litigation Conference. He has successfully represented hundreds of wildland fire victims, including private land owners, timber companies, conservation organizations, ranches, and subrogating insurance companies. In the last three years he and his associate counsel have settled more than $100 million in wildland fire cases. He has taken two wildland fire cases to trial and the remainder have been resolved by settlements, arbitrations and mediations. Ken has an experienced and stable office staff.

The Wildland Fire Litigation Conference identifies topical issues and features top professionals from a variety of disciplines. Many of the speakers have worked with Ken or against him in different cases and all have distinguished themselves. He thus is in an excellent position to identify and hire the investigators, forensic experts and appraisers needed for your case. Ken prosecutes these cases with other experienced trial lawyers on a case by case basis. He represents his clients on a contingent fee basis, that is, there is no fee and no obligation to repay litigation costs unless there is a recovery. He is one of the most experienced and successful wildland fire litigators in the United States.

Early in his career Ken was a Legal Services attorney (War on Poverty) for six years, a criminal defense lawyer for 10 years (over 250 criminal jury trials), and taught law school subjects and lectured to his peers on a variety of topics as well.

If you have a potential claim arising out of a wildland fire case, please call – (530) 893-2398.

Doe Mill Ridge Fire (1988)
Butte County, California

Campbell Complex Fire (1990)
Tehama County, California

Pendola Fire (1999)
Yuba County, California

Poe Fire (2001)
Butte County, California

Geyser Fire (2004)
Sonoma County, California

Sims Fire (2004)
Trinity County, California

Shekell Fire (2006)
Ventura County, California

Happy Camp Fire (2006)
Ventura County, California

Catalina Island Fire (2007)
Los Angeles County, California

Ophir Fire (2008)
Butte County, California

Rich Fire (2008)
Plumas County, California

Rice Canyon Fire (2007)
San Diego County, California

Witch Creek Fire (2007)
San Diego County, California

Monastery Fire (2011)
Klickitat County, Washington

Bastrop Fire (2011)
Bastrop County, Texa

Taylor Bridge Fire (2012)
Kittitas County, Washington

Flynn Fire (2012)
Mendocino County, CA

Powerhouse Fire (2013)
Los Angeles County, California

Pine Fire (2014)
Los Angeles County, California

Moonlight Fire (2007)
Plumas County, California

Las Conchas Fire (2011)
Sandoval County, New Mexico

Sheep Fire (2012)
Lucile, Idaho

Way Fire (2014)
Kern County, California

Round Fire (2015)
Inyo County, California

Butte Fire (2015)
Calaveras County, California

Erskine Fire (2016)
Kern County, California