Looking For Wildland Fire Litigation Counsel?
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10th Annual
April 22-24, 2016


Hyatt Regency Monterey, CA
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Welcome to the TENTH ANNUAL WILDLAND FIRE LITIGATION CONFERENCE. Last year’s event was attended by participants from 21 states and 1 Canadian province. In attendance in recent years were wildland fire investigators, forensics experts, fire fighting and prevention personnel, plaintiff, defense, subrogation, government, utility, insurance attorneys, public utility personnel, appraisers and environmental damage appraisers, Department of Forestry personnel (California and Oregon), USFS, BLM, tree inspection and tree

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trimming contractors, insurance adjustors and insurance subrogation managers, arborists, foresters and academics. In short, all of the members of the various Plaintiff and Defense litigation teams were well represented. This year’s Program has been expanded to include fire investigation topics, legal topics, forensics topics, damages and environmental issues. We have an outstanding faculty of professionals ready to expand our knowledge on many important topics and issues.
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